Dry Feet!

I am not one for plugging products unless they are absolutely STELLAR. Not to set expectations high or anything.  Given that I’m doing my darnedest to exercise on softer surfaces, such as wooded trails and grass, I have spent hours in wet shoes.  I love my Mucks for gardening and farm work but they don’t offer the support my feet need so I opt for dealing with wet running shoes, wet socks and of course WET FEET.

In the past, at first, I try to tread carefully, lifting up my feet and setting them down squarely so as to keep my shoes as dry as possible.  That works for about 10 minutes, tops!  I try to put a positive spin on the squishy sounds and sensations and tell myself I’m connecting more to the Earth and all its greatness.  This works for a while longer.  But then my skin reaches a saturation point.  We’ve all been there.  I accept the futility of staying dry in the woods and after about an hour or ninety minutes, I’ve had it.  My feet are warm because I’m moving my body but I know I’ve got to get the wet stuff OFF and get dry within minutes of getting into the house or I’ll get chilled.  This is just what happens in Spring and Fall in Wisconsin, some summers, too.

Not this morning though! I’m so pumped!!  Yesterday I picked up a pair of waterproof trail shoes and had to try them first thing this morning.  If my to-do list wasn’t so full, I’d have stayed in the woods all morning.  Dry socks, dry shoes, AND dry FEET?  Can this be true?  The foot beds are comfortable, have the right combination of comfort and support, the treads are not so deep that I ended up on platforms of mud.

AND my feet are DRY! My socks are dry, my feet are dry. They have those great little zip lacers — not sure what the technical term is.  All I know is that my dog didn’t have to wait long for me to get laced and tied up.  Two seconds and I was trail ready.  Did I mention my feet stayed DRY?

Clearly this is one of those situations that I had tolerated because the other aspects– being in the woods, exercising, being with my dog or friends–  were all extraordinary but when the negative aspect was improved, the entire experience can be stellar.

What a difference DRY FEET make!  Thank you, Solomon, for engineering these gems.  I’ll be singing their praises for years to come, I’m sure.

Do any of you have experience with waterproof trail shoes?  How do you keep dry?